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What's New at Legends of Kansas


Waterville - Located 15 miles southwest of Marysville on a gentle slope reaching back from the Little Blue River, the town was established in 1868.


Marysville - Marysville, the county-seat of Marshall County, and one of the oldest towns in the State, is beautifully located on the east bank of the Blue River, ten miles south of the Nebraska State Line


Marshall County, Kansas - One of the original 33 counties created by the first Territorial Legislature, Marshall County is located in northeast Kansas and Marysville is its county seat.


Blue Rapids, Kansas - Blue Rapids is located in northeast Kansas near the junction of the Little Blue and Big Blue Rivers about 12 miles south of Marysville, Kansas.


Frankfort, Kansas - The neighborhood of which Frankfort, Kansas became the trading point was settled in 1855-56 by Free-State men from Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Oketo, Kansas - Getting its start as a trading point on the Big Blue River in the 1860s, the settlement was named for a chief of the Otoe tribe, Arkaketah. It is one of the oldest points to claim settlement in the county.


Kansas Rail Towns and Little House on the Prairie - Via our photo blog, we travel through Southeast Kansas, taking the back roads to see some 1880's rail towns and the Little House on the Prairie Museum, home of the Ingall's.

Old church in Bavaria, Kansas.Bavaria, Kansas - Ranching on the Santa Fe Trail - An unincorporated community located about nine miles southwest of Salina Kansas, Bavaria was originally known as Hohneck (or Honek), for the first settler, Ernst Hohneck, who came to the area in 1865. It is a ghost town today.


Old buildings in Elk City, KansasElk City, Kansas - Situated in the northwestern part of Montgomery County at the confluence of Duck Creek with Elk River, Elk City began as a trading post established by John Kappell in early 1868 when the area was still part of the Deminished Reserve of the Osage Indians.


Wichita - A Kansas Roadtrip to Old Cowtown Museum (Photo Blog)


Salina, Kansas - The county seat of Saline County, Kansas, Salina got its start in 1858 when Colonel William A. Phillips organized a Town Company. Joseph G. McCoy, the alert livestock dealer who made Abilene the "Queen of the Cowtowns", visited Salina in 1867, proposing that it become the terminus of the cattle drives. However, the few residents that lived there at the time feared that the "Texers" and their droves of "mossy horns" would disorganize their community, so the citizens rejected his offer.


Wabaunsee County, Kansas - Located in northeast Kansas, Wabaunsee County is located a little north of a central line running east and west and about 75 miles west of the Missouri River. Wabaunsee was one of the 33 counties created by the first territorial legislature in 1855.


Morris County, Kansas Santa Fe Trail - (from Legends of America) Continue traveling the old Santa Fe Trail into Morris County, Kansas, where numerous historic sites can still be seen and visited.


Seth M. Hays, Founder of Council Grove, KansasSeth M. Hayes, Founder of Council Grove - Seth Hays was a shrewd, colorful, and successful trader, rancher, tavern owner, and publisher. Settling early on the Santa Fe Trail, he founded Council Grove, Kansas.


Charles H. Withington - Santa Fe Trail Merchant - Withington was one of many who operated a store along the Santa Fe Trail and was involved in the tumultuous days of Bleeding Kansas.


Santa Fe Trail, Kansas - (from Legends of America) Continuing the expansion of Santa Fe Trail history through Kansas into Osage County, and Waubaunsee and Lyon Counties.


Santa Fe Trail Map Douglas, Osage and Lyon CountiesIn an expansion of our Santa Fe Trail history, we dive deeper into the trail in Johnson County and Douglas County, Kansas.


Johnson County Santa Fe Trail - (from Legends of America) The different Missouri River branches of the trail, whether from old Franklin, Fort Osage, Independence, Westport, or Kansas City, came together in Johnson County, Kansas and by one common course, passed out of the county near its southwest corner.


Douglas County Santa Fe Trail - (from Legends of America) The trail entered Douglas County near its southeast corner, a few miles east of the old town of Black Jack before taking northwesterly course through Palmyra and on to Willow Springs. Here, it turned to the southwest, passing close to the now extinct towns of Globe and Baden and into Osage County about three miles north of the southwest corner of Douglas County.


Baptists in Kansas - The Baptist church was one of the first religious organizations to begin work in Kansas, for as early as 1831, Baptist missionaries were sent among the Indians.




St. Fidelis Catholic Church, Victoria, KansasChurches of KansasThe first churches in what is now the State of Kansas were established while it was still unorganized territory. Missions were built among the Indian tribes during the first quarter of the 19th century by various denominations, and from that time the church and the mission school dwelt side by side, and worked hand in hand for the evangelization and education of Native Americans.


Eureka, Kansas, 1887Eureka - Eureka, the county seat and largest town in Greenwood County, is located south and a little west of the center of the county on the Fall River. The town was founded by the Eureka Town Site Company in 1857 and named for the Greek expression Eureka, meaning "I have found it". Early Kansas Missions The first missionary to the Indians in Kansas, of which there is anything like an authentic record, was Father Juan de Padilla, who accompanied Francisco Vasquez de Coronado to Quivira in 1540-41.


Explorations of Kansas - Prior to the coming of the Spanish in 1541, the Kansas country was known only to Indian nomadic bands of hunters and warriors, and the indigenous tribes.


Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site - In October 1867 U.S. peace commissioners concluded treaties with the southern Plains tribes at this site that represent milestones in Government Indian relations. 

Medicine Lodge - Making Peace With the Indians - Nestled in a valley east of the Gypsum Hills is the historic town of Medicine Lodge, the county seat of Barber County. Long the site of Indian gatherings, it became the place where the Medicine Lodge Treaty was conducted.


Museums & Historic Sites by County - Throughout the Sunflower State are hundreds of museums and historic sites, the vast majority of which are run by local historic societies. In addition to these many small museums and memorials, the Kansas Historical Society administers 16 state-owned historic sites, in addition to the sites in Topeka, the Kansas' state capitol.


Territorial Kansas & the Struggle For Statehood - Kansas was unorganized territory prior to 1854, at which time it was home to numerous Indian tribes. In May, 1854, the U.S. Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which not only created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, but, also repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and allowed the territory settlers to determine if they would allow slavery within their boundaries.


The Ghost of White Woman Creek - Winding through  through Greeley, Wichita, and Scott Counties in western Kansas, White Woman Creek is said to have been haunted by ghost for more than a century.


Folklore of Kansas - Folk tales and folk songs, compounded of dreams, idle imaginings, and wish fulfillment, are usually based on the prosaic doings of. men who "earn their living by the sweat of their brow." In Kansas the first workers were the farmer and the cowboy. Within the short span of three decades their not so heroic figures were draped with a spangled mantle of lore and legend.


More Border Disputes Prior to the Civil War - There were dozens of battles fought during Bleeding Kansas days prior to the Civil War.


The Linn County Courthouse in Mound City, KansasPicturesque Mound City, Kansas - Situated south of the center of Linn County, Mound City is the county seat. It was first called Sugar Mound due to its proximity to the mound by the same name, situated a little to the east.


Emporia - Hub of East Central Kansas - Emporia, the county seat of Lyon County and one of the principal cities of the state, is located near the center of the county. Situated just six miles above the junction of the Neosho and Cottonwood Rivers, it sits in the geographic area called the Osage Cuestas in north central Kansas.


Columbia - A Ghost Town Story - The earliest town in Lyon County, Columbia also served as the first county seat. Today, not a trace remains of this once important settlement.


La Cygne - City of Swans - Situated along the Marais des Cygnes River in the northeast part of Linn County, La Cygne (pronounced luh SEEN), got its start in 1869 when it was determined that the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad would come through the area.


Carneiro, KansasCarneiro - A Tidy Little Ghost Town - Getting its start as a stage station along the Smoky Hill Trail in the 1860's, the site didn't develop into a town until 1882, when local ranchers developed it as a shipping point.

Black Wolf - Another Farm Town Ghost Town - Situated on the north bank of the Smoky Hill River in Ellsworth County, Black Wolf got its start as a station on the Union Pacific Railroad in the late 1870's.  


Compiled by Kathy Weiser/Legends of Kansas, updated March, 2017.


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