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Kansas History

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Old West Cattle Town

In the numerous cowtowns of Kansas were born many of the  the legends of

 the  Old West, drawing by Frenzeny Tavernier, 1874.

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Shooting buffalo from the train.

When the railroad pushed westward through the plains, buffalo were often shot for sport as the trains passed by, the carcasses left to rot upon the prairie. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June, 1871. This image available for photo prints & downloads HERE!






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Kansas is one of the richest states in historic lore of any in the American West, from Native Americans, to the Bleeding Kansas days prior to the Civil War, to the wild west days of its many cattle towns, and beyond, the Sunflower State provides a wealth of history, lore, and legends within the American Heartland.


The state's heritage and traditions go back to the nomadic Native American tribes who hunted the vast herds of buffalo to the time of Montezuma and the Spanish conquest of Mexico. In the Sixteenth Century the Spanish conquerors extended their explorations through the land now known as Kansas; then, the mythical kingdom of Quivira, and claimed it by right of conquest and discovery as a part of the domain of the Spanish Crown. Nearly two centuries passed before the French, coming by way of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, again visited the mysterious land.




After another 100 years, American explorers began to traverse the region and designated it as the Great American Desert, at a time when the prairies were filled with countless herds of buffalo and Native American tribes including the Kanza, Pawnee, Osage, Kiowa, and more. With the numerous settlers in the east, more tribes were pushed westward either voluntarily or by government force

Before long, numerous settlers began to move through Kansas on the many overland trails to the west, including the Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails, which resulted in numerous battles and skirmishes with the Indians as their home lands were invaded and violated.

Prior to the Civil War, the ground of eastern Kansas became a bloody battle field when pioneers fought the Kansas-Missouri Border Warr in the struggle to make it a free or slave state. Kansas entered the Union as a "free-state" on January 29, 1861, and  soldiers flocked to the battlefields in the conflict with the south.

Afterwards, Kansas borders began to fill with numerous homesteaders and more pioneers as additional trails were opened to the Colorado gold fields. As the railroad pushed through, wild cowtowns were born that created legends of lawmen, gunfighters and outlaws.


As the Old West days were winding down, Kansas spawned the Prohibition movement as Carrie Nation waged a war against alcohol. In the 20th century, Kansas sent men into both World Wars and suffered through the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s. The state prospered over time with a strong agricultural base, oil and gas wells, and aviation as it moved into modern times.




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